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Software Development that’s Made to Measure

We’re an Agile Java Development Company based in Birmingham, UK, with a global support network ensuring delivery of the best quality products to our clientele.

B13 Technology lives by three watchwords - Flexibility, Scalability, Quality. Everyone knows the importance of these values in Agile Software Development but few have taken them to heart and implemented them like B13 Technology.

We know that large projects mean evolving requirements and we stay light on our feet for that very reason - we can change direction and scale at a moment’s notice.

Whether we’re dealing with an expertly planned out Sprint or an unexpected emergency we can scale up quickly and effortlessly. We can provide exactly the right number of developers at exactly the right time to finish any project. Our ability to go from UK based Developers to our rigorously vetted offshore teams instantaneously also means that we can fix any emergencies overnight, ready for the start of business the next day.

why use B13 Technology?

At B13 Technology there are three words that we live by.
Here Company Director Tom Haworth explains just why they are so important.

“As Company Director I believe it is important to lead by example which is why I’ve chosen events from my own personal experiences to explain how these three words define B13 Technology”

  • Flexibility

    I was at conference in London in a lively seminar when one of our customers phoned with a mission critical change to their software requirements. They needed this change ASAP. While I left my colleague to attend the rest of the seminar I was on the phone with one of our offshore team leaders. The architecture was planned out and the team assembled. After the customer was updated I managed to rejoin my colleague and enjoy the evenings networking event.

    The next day the customer woke up to a finished piece of work that had been personally reviewed by me earlier that morning. They were the able to present the changes in a board meeting less than a day later.

  • Scalability

    Everyone gets surprise deadlines, no matter how well you plan they are a part of life. Here at B13 Technology we excel at solving them.

    I’ve been contacted by stressed IT Directors who’ve just had to scrap their entire codebase because their development team had stalled in a big mess of spaghetti code. So the Director and I sat together and sketched out the requirements and then it passed straight to a team of 6 developers. 2 weeks later the team shrank to 2 developers who put the final touches to the project. A couple of days the later the IT Director managed to present the project on time and still on budget!

  • Quality

    Even more important than Flexibility and Scalability is Quality. This is why every line of the code we write is reviewed by top-of-industry developers (with clients including The Gates Foundation to their name). You can imagine the benefit this brings to our customers. You can understand the value of the very best people in your field checking over your team’s work and see that this type of reviewing is priceless! Our final product is bug-free, secure, easy to read, and even easier to maintain.

    Our investment in both the British and Global talent pool really pays dividends and this really shines through in your final product.

    B13 Technology is an excellent investment in your company and is much better value (in every sense of the word) than going through the hassle of needing to hire java consultants or contractors in-house.

our approach

Scratch your biggest itch Get your most important feature in 2 weeks

One of our consultants will help you figure out what's most important.

They’ll sit down with you to discuss your most urgent requirements. Even the largest projects have one or two features that will bring immediate value to the users. Our Agile team will help you meet that need in 2 weeks or less. Going forward, new features will be added based on your evolving needs.

You’ll be shocked at how much progress we’ll make in the first two week Sprint (we’re an Agile shop). Our experience means we can get up to speed in record time. We will scale up production through our offshore teams to get the job done as efficiently as possible.


Set the scope Keep an eye on where your project's headed

We'll work together face-to-face to plan out each Sprint.

Together we will create a living document. This will be an interactive list of things your product needs to do.

When a feature gets implemented, one of the things on the list will turn from red to green. You'll know your product does that 'thing' now. This lets you take a quick pulse of how that Sprint’s coming along.

No matter the size of your project our approach breaks it into value delivering chunks.


Staying flexible Staying flexible - It's okay to change your mind

Our development set-up puts you first.

You’ll be working with a team that’s agile, efficient, and flexible.

We’re expert at Agile Software Development. We can change direction and scale at a moment’s notice.

And when those tough short-term deadlines pop-up we are ready, willing, and able to scale up in a matter of hours so no deadlines are missed.

Your requirements will change as the project evolves. We stay light on our feet for that exact reason.


Easy to use systems Software your entire company will love

Your developers will have no problem taking it under their wings.

Our software comes with integrated instructions so your staff will know immediately what the system is capable of and how to carry out any task.

Not only that, our code is easy to read and easy to maintain. While we have a dedicated maintenance team our code is clear, concise, bug-free, and a breeze to maintain for any IT Department.


Save money where it matters Pricing with you in mind

Only pay for what you get – nothing else.

You pay for each part of the project that gets completed. This helps us stay flexible as the project evolves.

You'll save money, too.

You can forgo the lengthy and costly recruitment process for developers you’d only need for a few months.

Our Agile set-up doesn’t just mean we’re quick on out feet, it also means that we don’t have overhead costs, the hassle of M&Ms (Meetings and Managers), or using only expensive UK based developers.


An Offshore Model you can trust All the benefits, none of the drawbacks.

We’ve broken down the barriers of cross-cultural communication.

While we all know of the pitfalls of the offshore model you’ll be amazed at how well we work with our offshore teams.

Our UK developers have been working with them for years and have taken the time to forge excellent working relationships with our rigorously vetted offshore teams.

Not only do our teams open your project up to the Global talent pool (we hire the best regardless of country) you’ll also benefit from a true 24 hr workday.


Continuous delivery No waiting around

We move fast, so your product will be updated 2+ times per day.

Unlike stodgier, bigger companies, we move quickly. In fact, your product will be updated several times per day.

This means you’ll be able to play with new features – and see if they need tweaking – as soon as possible, giving you a head start for planning the next Sprint. (After all, we’re an Agile shop).


doing one thing well

Need Java developers? We’re your only option.

While our skill sets are varied going from .Net to PHP we’re out and out Java geeks at B13 Technology. It truly is our bread and butter and our skills will shine through in your product.

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Our tech stack

Meet our team leaders

Tom Haworth

Tom Haworth - Managing Director

I’m a hands-on leader, so you'll find me taking a hands-on approach to your project.

With more than 10 years' experience working as a lead developer and managing offshore teams for some of the world's biggest companies your product is in safe hands with me.

One of my main roles is assigning tasks to our offshore developers. It's my job to make sure you get the benefits of offshoring without any of the drawbacks.

View Tom's CV

James Ivings

James Ivings - Front-end Developer

James handles all things front-end for our clients.

He's a bit of a JavaScript whiz-kid. One of his most notable projects was leading the front-end team that built one the UK Government's most popular web apps.

Great developers always take the time to teach others, and James is no different. He spends his free time solving the issues of other developers on StackOverflow.

View James' CV

Andy Gallacher

Andy Gallacher - Senior Java Developer

Andy is the most experienced Java developer at B13 Technology.

If you're looking for someone who's seen, and solved, every problem a million times before but is still excited by new innovations, you'll love working with Andy.

He's been working as a software developer for over 15 years, and comes highly recommended by senior managers at some of the UK's most prestigious companies.

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