B13 Technology is an award winning software development company with over a decade of traditional development experience based in the innovation rich city of Birmingham.

B13 Technology’s Narrative

Innovation is no longer important for business survival: it is critical.

At the heart of innovation is change, a constant heartbeat that is increasing at an accelerating pace, particularly in software technology. Faster than in any other area of business.

But change brings both opportunity and threat as ignoring change can lead to customers ignoring us.

With over a decade of experience in software development, we understand the multiple heads down challenges our clients face. Tackling tedious tasks such as creating software briefs, recruiting the right technical talent, working with limited budgets and tight deadlines, not to mention the demands from internal nagging voices who want more, faster.

Rather than ignoring change we decided we would join the beat and embrace new emerging more intelligent technology. We focused on building to the changing beat of change, with new thinking.

Rather than ignoring change we decided we would join the beat and embrace new emerging more intelligent technology. We focused on building to the changing beat of change, with new thinking.

We took inspiration from John F Kennedy’s words:

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future.”

B13 Technology Ltd

The emergence of AI technology represents a significant leap in capability for businesses, who adopt it. We knew there must be a better way – we just had to find it.

We were perfectly positioned to innovate, based in the innovation-rich city of Birmingham, UK. A city steeped in innovation, being the birthplace of the industrial revolution.

We began our journey of change by implementing more intelligent AI software internally. Allowing us to offer our clients more advanced solutions that can automate processes, improve decision-making, and predict customer needs, giving them a competitive advantage.

You don’t solve a problem on the same level it was created; you must rise above it, and innovate, to move forward. That was how the B13 software development service Tempo™ was born. A service as flexible as flowing water and as powerful as a spring tide.

We built a better hybrid development service to reduce risk, inconveniences and deliver for our clients an intelligent competitive advantage, empowering them to achieve more.

By joining the beat of change we have become more, enabling our clients to be more.

“B13: Join The Beat, Be More”

Meet some of the B13 Technology team

Tom Haworth
Tom Haworth

Founder and Managing Director

A highly experienced tech leader from a corporate background, Tom started B13 Technology with the mission of making technology and especially digital solutions accessible to start-ups and SMEs at affordable prices. Tom is an innovative problem solver who helps ensure we develop and deliver software solutions that will transform our client businesses.

Jon Swinbourne
Jon Swinbourne

Chief Executive Officer

With extensive experience of starting lean start-ups, Jon is happy to guide our clients through our software development and venture mapping process to ensure their ideas and business needs are effectively met. Jon brings commercial know-how to help our clients achieve outstanding solutions in the most cost-effective way to meet their solution requirements and budget.

Ha Ta
Ha Ta

Chief Operating Officer

Bringing extensive HR experience from working in various multinational organisations, Ha provides an efficient operational and innovative approach to our business processes to improve performance through effective recruitment, engagement and leadership of our talented software development resource. Her approach has created a highly qualified and high performing team in our Ho Chi Minh City HQ.

Tara Lawrence
Tara Lawrence

Director of UK Operations

An experienced business analyst with an outstanding eye for detail, Tara supports clients to create well defined product development requirements and specification documents. Her rigorous approach provides clients with effective functional overviews and product specifications that enable detailed cost breakdowns and roadmap prioritisation so our clients can make fully informed decisions about their project.

Kevin Sparks
Kevin Sparks

Director of Client Partnerships

Kevin has a wealth of experience in commercial sales and marketing spanning 20 years, selling SaaS solutions, MarTech (marketing technology), digital marketing and internet services. He’s held senior roles in three venture capital funded tech startups, helped two of them enter the UK market and seen two of them acquired. As Director of Client Partnerships, Kevin is keen to meet and work with investors, entrepreneurs and SMEs that are looking to bring their ideas, concepts and digital ambitions to life through software and mobile apps.

Amy Bullock
Amy Bullock

Senior Executive Assistant

An excellent communicator and organiser, Amy is often the initial point of contact for our new clients helping facilitate key meetings and offering advice on how to start your journey with B13 Technology. Amy, has been with B13 from the start of our journey, connecting and supporting clients when required to ensure their needs are met.

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