B13 Technology interview with Cybernews

B13 Technology interview with CybernewsTom Haworth, B13 Technology: “every business should obtain a cyber essentials certification”

Recently our Managing Director Tom Haworth was interviewed by CyberNews.com on what we think are the most important software for SMEs.

During the interview Tom highlights the ever growing shortage of skills in the UK versus demand saying

“The digital skills gap has now fully manifested itself and the pandemic has now driven us to a tipping point with developer salary inflation of 50% in the past 12 months, an average tenure of 18 months, and a universal movement towards 100% remote working for developers.”

Tom further explains just how B13 Technology can help and how we make software accessible to SMEs by addressing the digital skills gap.

“We are a UK-based consultancy with a team of UK-based staff that are accountable for understanding, managing, and delivering custom software solutions to our clients on time, on budget, and with a high degree of quality. We have addressed development capacity issues through our wholly-owned development centre in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

There is no digital skills gap there, and we have access to a huge pool of highly skilled and dedicated developers. Offshore software development is hard! We’ve spent years honing our processes and communication to remove risk which allows us to offer great value custom software solutions delivered on time at a fixed price.”

The interview on the security section of the website goes on to discuss the most common problems companies run into on their digital transformation journey where Tom mentions that “We often pick up broken projects where a digital agency or offshore consultancy has taken on projects that fall outside of their skill set. It’s vital that the correct tools are selected to deliver any project, and the technology stack most appropriate differs widely depending on the company’s goals.”

Read the full interview HERE

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